Welcome to GrowthDriver.io and our goal is to simplify the sales and Marketing process you get qualified leads and sales you wan with out all the headaches!

So this dashboard and tabs above will provide you with all the live information on your business. So you are up to date on exactly what our team is up to and how your sales and Marketing out reach is going. Feel free to contact your dedicated project manager any time via email or your team #Slack Channel

Welcome back, Amir!

Business Plan

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Total Spend - Year to date

10 Feb 2020

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Signed Proposal

ETA: Feb 7th, 2020

Product Package

Business $2499 (Sold at $500/mth)

Onboarding Call

ETA: Feb. 10th, 2020


Apex Imaging Inc. Onboarding & Discovery Call:

We are pleased to find out the following the following from our client. Client Persona's can be found in your "Document" tab in the dashboard.

Persona 1:


Persona 2:



The goal is to reactive past Apex clients with email list he provides, generate retail leads for his Etsy e-commerce site! Build relationships via Linkedin with past distributors!

Planning/ Testing

ETA: Feb. 10th-13th, 2020

Launch Date

ETA: Feb. 17th, 2020

Your Team:

Account Manager:

Brian Prokopowich: brian@growthdriver.io

Marketing Lead:

Patrick Icasas patrick.i@growthdriver.io

Sales Lead:

Robert Korovesi: robert.k@growthdriver.io


Date: Feb 17th, 2020

For todays call we went over:

1) TheGrowthDriver,io dashboard with Thomas to familiarize him with the features andanalytics dashboards and its KPI's

2) We went overa quick SEO report we did on Zenan one of Apex imaging's major competitors.

3) Plus had adiscussion on the competitive marketplace

4) Thomas willbe providing Growth Driver with a list of 1500 Distributors email/contact list.Including a PDF of past PPPC distributors. He will also provide us with logoswe can use to setup his Etsy store.

5) Growthdriverwill provide this week 2 samples of landing pages, One For Etsy & one forApex Imaging!

Smarteams Insights: (Produced at 6 month mark)

Date: TBD